Gender Affirming Overview

Trans Fem | Trans Male | Non-Binary

At Stiller Aesthetics, we strive for our patients to feel happy about who they are on the inside and outside. Numerous individuals are disappointed with their appearance, be it their out of shape stomach or subsiding hairline, yet those with gender dysphoria experience an alternate sort of disappointment. People with gender dysphoria feel that their true identity does not match with their biological sex and physical characteristics. Trans men who might want to accomplish more manly attributes, trans women who might want more feminine attributes or non-binary individuals can go through different gender affirmation surgeries to help adjust their gender identity with their physical appearance. Dr. Stiller specializes in many gender affirming surgeries to help you be the you, you want to be.  

What are my Transgender Surgery Options?

Not every transgender individual wants to undergo complete surgical transition to change every aspect of their outer appearance  and that is perfectly OK. Each patient's transition is different and Dr. Stiller is here to help you through it. Dr. Stiller makes sure to assist in identifying what triggers your gender dysphoria rather than placing you into a "manly" or "female" category. Every gender affirming procedure will be discussed at length during the consultation to assure every patient is confident in their transition.  

For our non-binary patients we will work with you to see what best help relieve your dysphoria whether that involves a more masculine chest, androgynous chest or feminine chest.

Trans-fem Surgery

Trans-fem surgery procedures include breast augmentation, facial feminization, tracheal shave, body contouring and Gender Confirmation Surgery (Vaginoplasty). Dr. Stiller is skilled in aesthetics to emphasize your feminine attributes and help you be the you, you want to be.

Trans-masculine surgery

Trans-masculine surgery procedures include FTM top surgery (double mastectomy with nipple grafts, key-hole incision mastectomy) to help create a more masculine appearance that matches your identity. With Dr. Stiller's experience, he can give you the confidence to be proud in your skin.

What is the process for Gender Affirming Surgery?

Starting your surgical transition journey can be exciting but also stressful. There will be ups and downs throughout the process and the most important aspect is making sure you have a strong support system of people you love and trust. Through the hormonal changes and multiple surgical procedures endured, having a circle of loved ones to be by your side through it all cannot be overstated. In addition to a support system, there are specific gender affirming surgeries which will need further  information for authorization.

We follow the World Professional Associated for Transgender Health (WPATH) guidelines for completing your transition. For MTF bottom surgery, patients will need two separate letters of support from two mental health providers, one letter of support from their prescribing physician, live in their chosen gender for one year and be on hormone therapy for one year. For top surgery, patients will need one letter of support from a mental health provider and one letter from their prescribing physician. Dr. Stiller will be supporting you along the way to make sure you can succeed in your transition.

Will Health Insurance Cover my Gender Affirming Surgery?

Over the years, more and more insurance companies are covering different gender affirming medical procedures. At this time, most insurances are covering top surgery and MTF bottom surgery. Not all insurance companies cover facial feminization at this time. The staff in Dr. Stiller's office is knowledgeable in the different insurance companies and plans, and is here to manage you through the approval process. The potential for appeals, copays, deductibles, or procedures that protection plans are not yet covering, we will work hard to assist you in getting insurance coverage.

Commonly, Washington-based insurance plans have a high approval rate for gender affirming surgery. As many patients also travel out of state, our staff does their best in fighting for you regardless of your state of insurance. Dr. Stiller and his staff will do their best to advocate for you to get insurance coverage for your surgeries.

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