Body Procedure Basics

We offer various types of body procedures to contour your feminine look. Body Feminization, Orchiectomy and Clitoroplasty are all procedures you can chose from to create your ideal body.

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Body Feminization

This process uses liposuction and fat grafting to contour the body to a more feminine silhouette. Dr. Stiller removes fat tissue to slim down and sculpt desired areas. The fat is then placed in the buttocks and hips to achieve a feminine curve.

The fat is removed from the abdomen, the area below the buttocks, and the lower part of the back to accentuate the buttocks and hips. Body feminization is designed for contouring, not weight loss.

After surgery, you will notice an immediate change in the buttocks due to the permanent fat tissue, and swelling. The swelling will go down within three to six weeks.


Orchiectomy is a procedure where one or both of the testicles are removed. Bilateral Orchiectomy is performed as a single-stage surgery. The purpose is to lower the level of male hormones and prepare the genital area for later operations.

Patients who undergo Orchiectomies take hormones over a period of several months to several years prior to the surgery. This surgery is not performed as an immediate response to a request.

The standards of care for gender reassignment require a psychiatric diagnosis and a physical exam. Dr. Stiller needs two letters of evaluation and recommendation by mental health professionals; preferably a psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist.


Clitoroplasty is the creation of the clitoris in gender affirming surgery. Dr. Stiller creates a conically shaped clitoris with a fully preserved neurovascular bundle. The clitoral hood, labia majora, and labia minora are created using the remaining penile and scrotal tissue. This procedure is also referred to as a hoodectomy.

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