Stiller Gender Affirming Services

Stiller Aesthetics is here to help you through the rewarding experience of transitioning from Male to Female as well as assisting in the initial steps of transitioning from Female to Male.

We offer various types of procedures in Facial Feminization, Breast Procedures, Mastectomies, and Body Procedures. Every client is different and there is no right or wrong way to transition. Although it is rewarding, transitioning is a long process that requires patience and 12 continuous months of living as your preferred gender. Our goal is to help you become the you, you want to be.

Gender Affirming Resources

Transitioning is a big step in someone’s life to becoming the person they were always meant to be. We want to provide you with the best tips and support on making the transition as easy as possible. Here are some links to help you during your experience.

Facial Feminization

Facial Feminization provides many types of procedures to help you achieve the feminine facial features you want. Stiller Cosmetics offers Tracheal Shaving, Chin Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Cheek Augmentation, Brow Shaving, and Lip Lifts.

Breast Procedures

Stiller Aesthetics offers various types of breast procedures to help you achieve the body you are looking for. We offer Breast Augmentations, Fat Grafting, Mastectomies, and Nipple Resizing. All of which can be used to help you be the you, you were always meant to be.

Body Procedures

We offer various types of body procedures to contour your feminine look. Body Feminization, Orchiectomy, Clitoroplasty, and Labiaplasty are all procedures you can choose from to create your ideal body.


Mastectomy is the opposite of a breast augmentation as it removes unwanted breast tissue. This is the first surgical step to becoming male. Mastectomy is also referred to as ‘Top Surgery’ in the transgender community. There are several different types of mastectomies.

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