Dr. Stiller and his team are so happy to be apart of your gender affirming journey. Discover your options, the process of gender affirming surgery and more information regarding insurance here. Let Dr. Stiller help you be the you, you were always mean to be. 

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is an excellent option for transwomen and non-binary individuals who are seeking a more feminine-looking upper body.  Augmentation can include saline or silicone implants or fat grating as well as nipple resizing. 

Consultation Requirements

Dr. Stiller and his team are here for you during this exciting time. Click here to see the different requirements for each gender affirming surgery before you make your consultation with Dr. Stiller.


Stiller Aesthetics offers various types of body procedures to help shape your body into matching your true identity. We offer body contouring and Brazilian Butt Lift, all of which can be used to help you be the you, you were always meant to be.


A mastectomy is an excellent option for trans men and non-binary individuals who are seeking either a more masculine or androgynous chest. The process involves removing fat and breast tissue so the upper chest appears more sculpted and trim. 

Facial Feminization

While there is no standard template of what a female face 'looks like', Dr. Stiller can assist you in identifying some common differences between the sexes. He offers multiple procedures such as tracheal shave, chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation, brow shaving and lip lifts.

MTF Bottom Surgery

A vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure where Dr. Stiller removes the penis and scrotum to create aesthetically beautiful female genitalia. He performs 3 different techniques such as zero-depth, penile inversion and colovaginoplasty.


Transitioning is a big step in someone’s life to becoming the person they were always meant to be. We want to provide you with the best tips and support on making the transition as easy as possible. Here are some links to help you during your experience.

Every step in the transition process is important. Whether you are looking for trans fem, trans male or non-binary surgery options, Dr. Stiller and his team can help you match your outer appearance to your true identity. 

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