Brazilian Butt Lift Basics

A Brazilian Butt lift, also known as BBL, is a cosmetic procedure to create a more prominent, enhanced buttock. Fat is harvested from other areas of your body and injected into your buttock to create a fuller, more rounded look. In addition to enhancing the buttock, other areas such as the abdomen and thighs are improved during the fat grafting process. 

Brazilian Butt Lift Benefits

  • Improved balance of your figure
  • Enhancement of a small buttock
  • A more pronounced buttock
  • A symmetrical buttock
  • Enhanced self-confidence

Is a Brazilian Butt Lift Right for Me?

If you have lost volume and shape to your buttock and are looking for a fuller and firmer contour, then a Brazilian Butt lift may be right for you. Due to fluctuating weights, aging or just the difficult task of trying to firm the gluteal muscles, the buttock can lose the full shape that many patients strive to have. With a BBL, Dr. Stiller can enhance your figure and give you a more shapely curve. However, there must be enough fat from elsewhere on the body to be harvested for re-injection. If a patient does not have enough fat to transfer, they may consider a gluteal augmentation rather than a Brazilian Butt Lift. 

To be a good candidate, however, you should be near the weight you are comfortable with.  If you plan to lose more than 20 pounds, you should wait to have your BBL, as the weight loss could cause loss of the grafted fat cells. During your consultation, Dr. Stiller will review your goals and best explain the right plan for you.  

The Procedure

A Brazilian Butt Lift procedure begins by performing Liposuction to graft from other areas of the body. Prior to your procedure, Dr. Stiller will review your goals and consult which areas of the body you would like fat grafted from. Common areas include abdomen, flanks, thighs, knees and back.

After the fat is harvested via Liposuction, it is processed. Dr. Stiller then injects the purified fat via cannula a little at a time into the buttock to optimize the amount of fat that will survive. As he injects, he will sculpt the buttock by placing threads of fat under the skin making sure to remain above the muscle. During this portion of the procedure, Dr. Stiller is very precise to make sure the shape and volume match your goals. 

Brazillian Butt Lift Recovery

Recovery after a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure can vary between patients. You will be given a pain regimen to help manage your pain and get you through recovery as easy as possible.

A Brazilian Butt Lift is an outpatient procedure, so after a short period of recovery time, you will go home the same day. You will need a person 18 years old or greater with you the day of surgery.

When you awake, you will be in a compression garment which we advise to wear the first 2 weeks all the time followed by 2 more weeks during times of activity.

Most patients take about 1-2 weeks off work however, some may take longer or return sooner depending on the physical demands of their job. Patients are encouraged to refrain from sitting, lying down or putting direct pressure on the backside for 4-6 weeks because the new fat cells can be easily damaged. If you must sit down, it is important to use a Brazilian Butt Lift pillow, or donut pillow, to go under your thighs and alleviate pressure from your buttock.

Brazillian Butt Lift Results

Brazilian Butt Lift results can vary between patients so it is important to be patient. After the procedure, you will likely notice an immediate difference however, there will inevitably be a lot of swelling. This can take up to 3 months to subside. It is important to refrain from sitting for 4-6 weeks as this can damage the new fat cells.

It is recommended to refrain from vigorous exercise for about 6 weeks. Keeping your weight consistent can help to maintain lasting results. If you lose weight, it is likely the fat cells grafted to your buttock will shrink. If you gain weight, the fat cells could enlarge. Most commonly, patients are very satisfied with their results by Dr. Stiller. 

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