BioTE Medical provides bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to help solve hormone imbalances in both women and men. Your hormones are one of the most important regulatory systems that exist in your body, as they act as messengers, interacting with specific target cells and organs to stimulate them into action. As we age, hormone production changes and hormone imbalance can occur.

If you find yourself struggling with a lack of energy, stress, weight gain, problems sleeping or other symptoms, the benefits of hormone replacement therapy may be able to help you. Biote hormone therapy combats the symptoms you are facing from hormone imbalance by restoring your hormones back to ideal levels. Both men and women can benefit from hormone therapy, and results can be felt in as early as two to four weeks, but the full effects usually take up to six months. For more information, please look at the BioTe website:


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Dr. Stiller will evaluate your medical health and explain the surgical techniques available to you. All of your questions related to the procedure will be answered as thoroughly as possible. Dr. Stiller will perform an examination of your trouble area at the consultation.

Dr. Stiller will go over the risks and potential complications and he will explain the pre-operative and post-operative process.