Migori, Kenya 2017

In 2017 Stiller Aesthetics had the opportunity to provide free medical care to needy individuals thru KenyaRelief.org. 

Explore our trip to Kenya, learn more about KenyaRelief.org and help children in need. 

KenyaRelief.org is comprised of three different initiatives targeting different aspects of their relief efforts.

The mission of KenyaRelief.org is to rekindle hope for a new generation in Kenya through a partnership between communities, uniting for a common good.

KenyaRelief.org operates a medical/surgical clinic, orphanage, and school in Migori, Kenya.

They also organize and send over 20 teams each year. These teams include but are not limited to medical/surgical teams, educational teams, ministerial teams, and project/construction teams.

They offer child sponsorship, stateside volunteer opportunities and many other areas of involvement.

what is kenya relief?

Brase Clinic and Vision Center

The clinic is open during the week with a Nurse Practitioner and staff serving the people of the Migori and western Kenya.  Over 300 Medical and Surgical Missionaries will serve over 1,000 patients during clinic dates every year.

Brittney’s Home of Grace

KenyaRelief.org has over 130 orphaned/vulnerable children in their care.  Most are at the orphanage, Brittney’s Home of Grace, while some are at boarding school, university or are part of their home-based care program. Sponsorship is vital to these children – it provides these children with a home, food, clothing and love!

In the spring of 2004 they opened their arms to the first 24 orphans to call Brittney’s Home of Grace their home.  They now house close to 100 children every year.  They also have children in boarding schools and university, as well as offering home based care assistance to families in need.

Their children receive love, care, and stability from dorm parents who are committed to showing their kids Christ’s love, raising them to be respectful, caring, and independent citizens, growing their dreams, and enabling them to change the world for the better.

Each child receives healthy, balanced meals, medical care, and counseling from social workers. They also attend church regularly and receive a quality education at Kenya Relief Academy.

Kenya Relief Academy

Kenya Relief Academy is committed to providing a high standard of education.

Their goal is for the teachers, parents, administrators, and pastors of the community to work together to provide students with the best opportunity for success in life.

They believe that a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere will enable students to grow and mature intellectually, physically, and spiritually. They also believe that if they keep the diverse needs of the students in mind and teach them well, they will be able to envision their future.

Our journey


When we were first contacted by KenyaRelief.org to help provide care….. Dr. Stiller brought our entire surgical staff…..

Maasai Tribe welcome

As guests of the Maasai Tribe 

Text about where your teams first impressions were. How soon you started working? Anythign for a little flavor.

saving Futures

As one of the surgical teams that KenyaRelief.org organizes every year we were able to provide medical surgeries to people in need who do not have access to modern health care facilties.

What services were provided. 

How is this different from cosmetic surgery? / what you normally do. 

A touching story goes here

Why dr stiller gives back.

Going back

We will be going back to help…… 

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Every donation helps provide medical care, food,  housing and education for people in need. Consider sponsoring a child today.