Closeup of beautiful sexy plump woman lips with lipstick If your lips were never full and voluptuous, you may feel like you’re missing out on the latest trend. Everywhere we look, we see people with voluminous lips that look natural and youthful. While it may seem like a trend, the full lip look has always been something to admire. And admire what we always have. What has changed is not our love of full lips but our ability to do something about our own appearance if we so choose. Since it became available thanks to the wonders of modern day dermal fillers, lip augmentation has been immensely popular. Still, if you believe that this treatment will hurt, chances are you’re on the fence. Here, we discuss why lip injections are nothing to worry about. 

What Are The Benefits Of Lip Augmentation?

It would be outlandish to claim that lip injections are painless. By their very nature, all injections can hurt a little bit. The skin is punctured, after all! That said, even we can’t imagine lip fillers continuing to be as common as they are if they were intolerable. Perhaps it comes down to the concept of “risk versus reward;” and with lip fillers, there are huge rewards. 

  • Control. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers put control in your hands. As your provider injects your lip area, you can watch as it happens or you can look at the results periodically to ensure you get just the right amount of fullness in all the right places. 
  • Control. Did we say that? We did! But there’s another way you can have some control over your lip augmentation. You don’t have to get the whole kit-and-kaboodle in a single session. You can receive some enhancement in one sitting and come back for more a few weeks later, once your swelling has gone down. In this way, you can reach your ideal shape at your own pace. 
  • Minimal side effects. We do prepare patients for some swelling after lip injections. Cool compresses and taking arnica tablets can help expedite the reduction of this side effect. Additionally, redness and bruising are possible. If these side effects occur, they usually subside in a few days. 

But Does it Hurt?

Your mouth is one of your most sensitive body parts, of course you might imaging lip injections as quite painful. The truth is, though, your pain level during injectable treatments will relate to your general tolerance for discomfort. The lips are more sensitive than other parts of the face so, even if you’ve had Botox or other injections elsewhere, your lips may feel it more. That doesn’t mean you’ll be in pain, only that you’ll notice. If you are concerned about this, talk to your provider. They may apply a numbing cream to the area before your injections to make you more comfortable. Keep in mind that you’ll need to schedule at least 30 minutes extra for the topical medication to work, but the rewards are worth it. 

Beauty is yours to capture and enhance as you wish. Contact us at 509-747-5773 to schedule your lip filler consultation in our Spokane, WA office. 

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