Woman with perfect breasts in black bra on black background Breast augmentation may consistently be one of the leading cosmetic procedures performed around the world, but that does not mean every patient knows everything they need to or want to know about this body-enhancing surgery. At Stiller Aesthetics, we believe that an informed patient is a confident patient, and we strive for full confidence by providing the most detailed information possible. Here, we discuss some of the details that patients should know as they begin their breast augmentation journey.

Advanced Preparation Makes a Big Difference in the Experience

Patients often ask questions about their breast augmentation recovery so they are prepared for side effects and other minute details. It is important for patients to also know that what they do before surgery matters. Ideally, we like patients to quit smoking well in advance of their procedure. This enables the body to circulate oxygen-rich blood efficiently. Patients are also encouraged to eat a healthy diet and avoid alcohol consumption before surgery. To reduce stress, it is beneficial to arrange adequate time off, childcare, and pet care. Finally, advanced preparation includes arranging a comfortable area in the home to rest quietly as needed.

Your Results Won’t Look Perfect at First

Understandably, patients are eager to get their first glimpse of their new and improved shape after breast augmentation. What needs to be known beforehand is that, at first, the breasts will look swollen and tight. They will sit high on the chest and may look overly full at the upper pole. Breasts also tend to feel quite firm in the weeks that follow surgery. Patients should know that these are normal side effects of surgery. Over several weeks, the breasts drop and settle into a natural-looking position. 

A Breast Lift may be Needed

The general purpose of breast augmentation is to create or restore fullness and shape. It is not possible to do this when a patient has a significant amount of laxity. In these situations, Dr. Stiller may suggest a breast lift and augmentation together. One way to know if you may benefit from a breast lift is to look at your inframammary crease below your breasts. If the position of your nipples is lower than the natural crease, you may have too much laxity to achieve your desired result with breast augmentation alone. 

These are just a few of the details regarding breast augmentation that can help you feel more empowered about your decision. We do our best to answer additional questions during our consultation. To schedule your visit to our Spokane, WA or Moscow, ID office, contact us today. 

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