istock 1276958322 Endings can be hard, but they can also be exciting. As they say, every ending is a new beginning. We’re at that point of the year when we begin to look forward to a fresh start. After a tumultuous 2020, most of us are wishing for brighter days ahead. That can start within. It can start now. One of the ways an ending can be a beautiful beginning is to trade in the Spanx® shapewear for a shapely new body. Here, we discuss why more people are making that leap.

Shapewear isn’t very convenient.

Shapewear is popular because these garments “suck in” bulges much like the corsets of old used to do. The shapewear that is worn today is much more comfortable. No ribs are cracked in the process! Still, for compression garments to smooth the body in all the right places, it must be relatively snug. What is snug is usually difficult to put on. For the occasional night out in that little black dress, donning shapewear may be totally worth it. However, day after day, this habit can get tedious. Why not just shape the body so it looks amazing all the time?

Liposuction is for Long-term improvement.

As we mentioned, Spanx can be great for a night out or special event. But for daily wear? This isn’t very sustainable. Maybe you thought you would get some help from shapewear while you reached your ideal body weight, but that time has yet to come. You’ve realized that losing weight isn’t as easy as people make it sound. This is one of the reasons liposuction is so popular. The minimally-invasive procedure is performed with general or local anesthesia. You’re back home in a matter of a few hours, and your recovery should be smooth-sailing. Then, you get to enjoy the results every day for as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Loving the skin you’re in.

When you wear Spanx or other shapewear, you may feel great in your clothes. For that moment, all is well in the world. But then the shapewear comes off and you are met with a reality that you may not love. With liposuction, curves are contoured and smooth to reveal your best shape. This shape is consistent no matter what you wear, even when you wear nothing at all. Unlike shapewear, which temporarily accentuates your figure, liposuction lets you love the skin you’re in all the time.

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