adobestock 279917461 1 Plastic surgery offers significant rewards to those who take that leap. Having plastic surgery is a big decision, we understand. We encourage our patients to carefully consider why they want a certain procedure and to know just what plastic surgery can and cannot do. To correct a cosmetic concern is to potentially affect every aspect of life, so it is important to be ready. While some people procrastinate in their journey because they get stuck in analysis paralysis, there are other reasons for dragging one’s feet. Here, we discuss some ideas that may need to be tossed aside.

What Do You Think About Plastic Surgery?

We all have our own ideas about pretty much everything in life. These ideas don’t necessarily get formed by us. Often, they come from what we’ve heard or seen from others. Ideas about plastic surgery fit squarely into this description. What do you think?

Plastic surgery is just a shortcut.

This is a common idea that people have about procedures like liposuction and abdominoplasty. They think that having surgery is a type of failure; that they should just eat more salads and go to the gym more. Mind you, people who think this are often already making healthy lifestyle choices. They’re putting in the work but think they should do more on their own. Plastic surgery is not a shortcut. It doesn’t negate the value of good habits. If the procedure you want is a shortcut to anything, it is a shortcut to feeling your best.

I should just be happy with my body.

This is an idea that can cause a lot of emotional harm. We aren’t all born with bodies that suit our personalities. Sometimes life changes our bodies in ways that make us not feel like ourselves anymore. When these things happen, we aren’t fully engaged in life as we’d like to be. That serves no one. And yet, we often hear people say “you look great the way you are!” as a way to bolster others. If you’ve heard this and still don’t feel like you look great the way you are, then you need to know that plastic surgery is your choice and yours alone. Having plastic surgery doesn’t mean you don’t love your body. On the contrary, it means you do.

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