adobestock 274657173 All surgeries are a big deal. Those that change the shape and appearance of the body are especially exciting because they hold the power to increase your sense of confidence. If you’ve decided to repair stretched, sagging muscle and skin in your stomach area with a tummy tuck, you may already be envisioning how you will look in your clothes, how you will look without any clothes. These are exciting aspects of body contouring surgery, no doubt. They may take just a little bit to fully realize. Here, we discuss the journey through tummy tuck recovery.

What Abdominoplasty Achieves

The tummy tuck is called abdominoplasty. The procedure is done to smooth and tighten the midsection. How abdominoplasty is performed depends on the severity of tissue laxity. Some people have what is called a mini tummy tuck, which only has to tighten the skin between the belly button and the pelvic area. Some people have a full tummy tuck that correct tissue laxity between the pelvic area and the upper abdomen. In either situation, the procedure tightens to layers of tissue, the muscle, and the skin. The result is a tighter, flatter, smoother stomach.

Abdominoplasty Recovery

Some people worry that their tummy tuck recovery will be long and painful. This isn’t the case. Abdominoplasty patients are prescribed pain medication to help keep them comfortable during the first few days of healing. Many people are off this medication within the first week, able to control comfort with over-the-counter pain relievers. During this first week to two weeks, what patients must contend with the most is the physical limitations that come from tightening the abdominal muscle.

After a tummy tuck, it is not possible to stand completely upright until the muscles and skin relax. This happens little by little, improving daily. Because it is necessary to stand bent slightly forward, patients will need help with childcare, meals, and household duties for up to two weeks. In most cases, it is possible to return to work after three weeks of rest and recovery. Feeling normal, though? That may not occur until about four weeks after abdominoplasty. After that time, patients typically have their normal energy back and can begin to do light exercise.

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